Youth Events

    Annual Events

  • Advisory Council
  • Youth Sunday School & Bible Study | 2nd Sundays 11:00A.M.
  • Black History
  • Day of Caring
  • Free Style Finale
  • Family Fun Night
  • Feast of The Promise
  • Youth & Young Adult Sunday | 2nd Sundays 11:00A.M.
  • Day Trip
    • More about our Youth & Young Adult Ministries:

      The objective of our Children's/Youth and Young Adult Ministries is to move every child or adolescent and young adult through our spiritual transformation process during their most formative and influential years so that we are producing the next generation of spiritual, financial, political and social leaders.

      Fellowship: This ministry is designed so that youth and young adults, intentionally fellowship with each other as well as other ministries in the church and the community in which we are called to serve.

      Leadership: This ministry seeks to build up young Leaders that will learn to lead like Jesus, be conscious of our society, that they may speak truth to power, and lead others to Christ.

      Outreach: This Ministry will allow youth to fully participate in Outreach on purpose. Every program, activity, worship, and gathering is evangelistically driven, in hopes that our friends and neighbors will come to know the joys and love of Christ like we do, as we carry out the Gospel message of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

      Worship: This ministry will be a Worshipping ministry, a ministry that gives glory to God not only with our lips, but more so with our lives. It is our sincere desire to worship God in our day to day activities, and to bring up a generation whose life is dedicated to being a light that shines so bright in the midst of a dark world.

      We are certain that as we continue to build Gods kingdom through our Fellowship, Leadership, Outreach and Worship, that the spirit of f love and excellence that we serve God with , will F.L.O.W. beyond the sacred space of this ministry and into the community that we serve, as well as all the world! To get involved in youth & Young Adult Ministries, see Rev. Lamont Higginbottom or any member of the Youth Advisory Council.

      Events are subject to change. Have questions, call the church (585) 328-4660 or email Rev. Grace O. Douglass or Sis. Nicole Kettles

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Rev. Burnice Green

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Feast of the Promise

"You don't want to miss it. So much good food and fellowship"


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