Prayer Requests

One of the most encouraging things in our Christian walk is answered prayers. Our faith is increased and we feel as though God really loves and cares for us. If our prayers were never answered, we would lack motivation to seek and trust the Lord for our needs. Prayer is more than talking about a lot of needs and waiting for God to come through with the answers we desire. It is an avenue for communing directly with the Lord. As we bring our concerns to the Lord, we are expressing our dependence on Him. We are acknowledging that He has the answers to our problems.

At Zion Hill will have assembled a group of our spiritual leaders to pray for you before ,during and after your trials. You are not alone in your daily struggles of this world. God is always with you and your brothers and sisters in Christ at Zion Hill are praying for you. To request prayer, Click here, call the church office at (585) 328-4660, or use the form below. All requests for special prayer will be forwarded to our prayer team ministry and kept confidential.

Prayer Requests Form.

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Prayer Concerns: Church Family

Sister Jackie Dozier has dealth in her family. Please pray for safe travel for relatives from Atlanta.

Our City

Pray for the rebuilding of a community. Pray for jobs!

Our Nation

Pray for World Peace!